Staying Off the Naughty (Spending) List

empty wallet

Staying Off the Naughty (Spending) List: Ten Ways to Manage Your Finances and Avoid Post-Holiday Regrets The holidays are filled with temptation to go overboard with spending. Financial expert Eric Tyson offers advice on how to manage your holiday spending. The holidays are upon us, bringing all those personal and family images and sensations we […]

8 Ways to Get the Best Price

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As if staying on budget during the holidays wasn’t hard enough, retailers are using dynamic pricing to make it even more difficult. The concept refers to the practice of changing the price of a product based on fluctuations in supply, demand, and even in response to the weather. However, most retailers use dynamic pricing to […]

Wooden Bowls and Biscuits

Biscuits and jam

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and a day of college football. I sat around the kitchen counter with family and friends.  We drank coffee and chatted while Marcia set down her bag and unpacked her Tupperware container of flour, a large can of Crisco, a sifter and a beautiful wooden bowl.   She set a small […]

11 Useful Gifts for College Grads

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Once the euphoria of being done with class has subsided, new grads must face what adults have been warning them about for twenty-plus years: the real world. Poised on the cusp of opportunity, young professionals may be considered “the lucky ones” by the older crowd, but grappling with unemployment and severe debt is no walk […]

5 Fun and Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets


Dog and cat owners receive the rarest form of affection — unconditional love that is more worthy of Cupid’s arrow than any well-matched couple. No wonder pet lovers go hog wild over gifts for their four-legged friends during the holidays — and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In 2011, the National Retail Federation expected consumers […]

Gifts and Gadgets for Foodies


Holidays are all about family gatherings, laughter and fun; they are time around the table with an abundance of food and a gathering of loved ones. However, before these joyous moments take place, hours are spent in the kitchen preparing favorite recipes and delicious holiday cookies. Dirty dishes pile over, spills and splatters decorate stove […]