DIY “Heart” Project: My Heart is Yours…

shredded paperFW1B

by Virginia Bittinger   This Valentine’s Day. show your love by making your sweetheart a thoughtful handmade gift. Create a one-of-a-kind Valentine that can be displayed year round. This fun, festive, and unique craft idea makes a great gift than be created by anyone of any age. Here’s what you’ll need to make this three […]

Wooden Bowls and Biscuits

Biscuits and jam

It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and a day of college football. I sat around the kitchen counter with family and friends.  We drank coffee and chatted while Marcia set down her bag and unpacked her Tupperware container of flour, a large can of Crisco, a sifter and a beautiful wooden bowl.   She set a small […]

DIY Hostess Gifts: Coaster Set

Fayette Woman1A

By Virginia Bittinger The holiday season is fast approaching, and holiday season means party season. A hostess gift is always a nice way to show how much you appreciate being invited to the party. As with so many things, it’s the thought that counts, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on […]

Create Your Own Garden Art with Succulents

Snip succulents from your garden and lay out stems to harden off. Purchase additional succulents to complete frame if necessary.

One of the hot trends in gardening features succulents—plants with thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems—in containers to add interesting textures, colors and shapes. Popular succulents for pots include Euphorbia, Echeveria, Aloe, Agave, Haworthia and Semervivum. Mix them in with more traditional flowering plants for a professional look. A wonderful reference book on designing with […]

The Art of Following Your Dreams


Success is a slippery goal. It can be just out of reach one moment and a world away the next. You rarely see it clearly until it’s in your grasp. Often, close inspection brings disillusion and you realize you want something else entirely. Then what? Do you hold on to the product of your hard […]

Spring Cleaning Your Computer

computer shutterstock_99049511

By Lindsey Thompson As the winter comes to a close, you’ll find yourself getting ready for your yearly spring-cleaning marathon. While your list probably includes sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, one thing that it probably doesn’t include is cleaning up your computer. Your computer is like your car in that it needs regular maintenance to function […]