DIY Manicures for Brides

pretty hands

Even if you’re a no-frills kind of gal, chances are you’re going to want your hands and nails to look beautiful both before and during the wedding. Consider taking a “DIY” approach: you don’t need professional manicures to make your nails look beautiful, and there are ways to keep the skin on your hands looking […]

5 Hair Myths – Busted!


Misinformation can be just as stubborn as frizz or those pesky flyaways – it’s difficult to manage, impossible to reason with and it just keeps coming back, says longtime hair-care advocate and health scientist Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. “Old wives’ tales and ineffective products that claim to treat or rehabilitate hair often have a placebo effect because […]

The Best Cool Weather Fragrances

Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb has amazing sillage and longevity.

Cooler weather opens the floodgates for a parade of heavier, warmer scents with more punch than the average body spray or a fruity-floral fragrance designed to waft gently off of your skin in the light of the spring and summer sunshine. Winter welcomes a whole new world of scents, from spicy to gourmand, leather to […]

3 ways to find your best red lipstick shade


If you haven’t done so already, the holiday season is a great time for you to foray into bold red lipstick. However, if you’re feeling cautious, don’t worry; your perfect shade is out there! There are a few ways to approach finding your best red lipstick: your coloring (mostly the undertones in your skin rather […]

Best Bangs and Buns for Your Face Shape


Bangs aren’t just for little girls, and buns aren’t just for ballerinas anymore. These two trends have become ubiquitous, not just in Hollywood (where even shocking purple locks don’t get a second glance), but on the streets of cities and towns everywhere. At first, bangs and buns may feel like a no-brainer — you either […]

How to Conceal Under-Eye Circles

womans eyes shutterstock_69260008

Got circles? If the answer is yes, it could be for one of many reasons—being a mom, being a student, working too hard, allergies, or even genetics. But cheer up; once you determine the color of those circles, you’ll be able to start working on cancelling them out. Concealing dark circles under the eyes starts […]

How To Avoid Hair Salon Nightmares


(StatePoint) Getting the hair cut you want is not always as easy as closing your eyes and visualizing it. If you’ve ever left the salon looking differently than you planned, you know how frustrating a botched cut or dye job can be. “Style satisfaction actually starts long before your stylist picks up the scissors,” says […]