The End of the 2010 365 Project

Oct Mosaic

It seems the end of 2010 got faster and busier and the days flew by — but I did continue to shoot daily!  I cannot say enough great things about taking on such a project.  To commit to a daily exercise of any type is huge.  I feel very pleased to have completed this project.  In the beginning I felt it was a lark, for fun, and I really would not learn any more about my photography then I already knew.  How silly!  I learned a lot and took many photos that I normally would have not seen.

As much as I was always looking for photos before — now I see more and take them.  It has helped me to learn to go with my gut feelings on a photo.  If I see something, think it is good — I take it.  Since the end of 2010 I have not taken a photo a day — but I have taken a photo almost everyday.  It has become a hard habit to break.


Sept mosaic

Spending time catching up — photo shows and other activities have taken me in many directions in September.  It is hard to believe that the 365 project is in its 4th quarter.  In the beginning it seemed to be so large and such a long road to travel.  But, like anything, when you get most of it behind you; it seems to have been times passing quickly. Anything that takes time, thought, energy, and tests you is not particularly easy — but it is rewarding.  I have spoken flippantly of the 365 Project over these past 9 months — now I am beginning to respect it.   Look for more weekly photo posts for the next three months — to finish this thing out!

OK — Talk about catching up…

Aug mosaic

I am confessing — and you know it already — I got behind with this blog.  It happens.  It is a nice thing to talk about because with this project that is what happens to many people and they stop and never pick it up again.  I have been taking the daily photo — just neglecting to get the post here each week.  Things have gotten pretty busy lately and I am not getting things on the internet as timely as I once had been doing earlier in this project.

To catch up I am posting a mosaic of the month of August.  And I am posting this public cry of we are all human.  I guess if anything to get behind in — it is best with a blog and not the project itself.  To do something daily for a year is a big undertaking.  To do it publicly is even larger — but for me it does keep me at it.  I hate to fail at anything — I am really into competition.  So — here is my catch up.  Thanks for reading.

September may also be like this.  I am up to my elbows with photo shows and other events.  It is that “photo time of year.”  This weekend I have three pieces in a show opening in Blue Ridge at the Art Center — the gallery in the old court room.  This show is hanging all month.  On September 17 at the Whiskey Bonding Barn in Molena I have three pieces in a show curated by John Bennette from New York.  He chose work from 19 photographers to be a part of his satellite show during the event of Slow Exposures.  Opening October 1 at the Arts Clayton Gallery I have three pieces in a show — so does my son.  And in New Orleans I have two pieces in a show celebrating the artistic elements and historical significance of cemeteries.  Three more of my photos are in a book that is due out October 15.

July 31 through August 6

Jul 31

July 31 — Iris and Sadie and a bone.

Does the cat like Iris — ummmm, no — August 1

August 2 — the light fixture at our photo club meeting room.

Orange-striped Oakworms are baaaaack — babies — August 3

August 4 — Can you tell that I have neglected pinching back the coleus?

August 5 — every time I see this sign it makes me do a double take.

August 6 — this car and the phones in the background make this look like a retro photo.

July 24 through 30

Jul 24

July 24 — too hot for dinner — garden fresh tomato, avocado, cheese, cold leftover chicken.

Grilling July 25 — cheese, crackers, and wine…

Iris and Sadie cooling it at the Peachtree City Dog Park July 26

July 27 — love Black-Eyed Susans!

Driving through Fayetteville July 28

Driving in Peachtree City — July 29

July 30 — Iris is  tired little dog….

July 17 through 23

Jul 17

July 17 — revisiting the Virginia Creeper growing on the deck.

A find — a wonderful little rural cemetery — July 18

I see this shadow on the living room wall all the time — finally took a photo July 19

OK everyone — name this Fayetteville location — July 20

July 21 — I have been watching this yellow and black agriope spider for a few weeks.  After it shed its skeleton something killed it.

July 22 sunset view from the deck

Ok everyone — meet Iris.  We found her at the Fayette County Animal Shelter.  They have some great dogs there.  We figured Sadie needed a playmate July 23

July 10 through 16

Jul 10

Driving home from the opening reception for “Visions of Old Glory” in Zebulon.  July 10

July 11 — blueberry and peach crisp for dessert tonight!

Sadie is being very attentive — July 12 — since I am holding a tennis ball.

July 13 — printing day

Near the Serenbe Photography Center July 14

A nice glass of tea July 15

In Griffin July 16 to pick up the weekly Bluebird CSA box

July 3 through 9

Jul 3

July 3 — getting ready for the Peachtree!

Peachtree Road Race — a July 4 Atlanta tradition

Heading home from photo club — July 5

A blackberry on the sidewalk — I put some out for the chipmunks — July 6

Pretty little garter snake creeping into the cool garage — July 7

July 8 — taken at a little past 7pm on the back deck

My daughter Virginia shelling peas in the kitchen.

June 26 through July 2

Jun 26

June 26 — beating the heat and cooling it indoors.

A trip to A Novel Experience in Zebulon, July 27, finds Booker also cooling it indoors.

June 28 late in the day just before sunset – beautiful white clouds and blue sky.

June 29 — another view of the evening sky.

The fragrant lilies by the front porch are blooming — June 30.

July 1 — red, white, and blue — early morning shoot in Gay, Ga.  I can’t believe I was up and out by 5 a.m.

July 2 — just a few of the goodies from my first Bluebird CSA box — YUM!!

From Where I Sit…My Home Office

809 lr

Last August I wrote a blog post about my space – the place I spend most of my time working on photos, writing blogs, and preparing workshop materials.  Today I wrote another post about it and how this photo is featured in a competition that I never figured to be in.

Can you believe that a photographer is among interior decorators?  I like to read Blayne Beacham’s blog, This Photographer’s Life.”   Blayne is an architectural photographer in Atlanta working with Beacham & Company Realtors. Her blog always has awesome photos of great spaces.  It is an inspiration to those of us who like to play at decorating. The link above to the blog takes you to the post asking for votes.  Seven photos are featured — taken by others — showcasing their special spaces in their homes.  Number 7 is me!  It is the photo above.

So I am asking the readers and friends at Fayette Woman to mosey over there and vote (preferably for me).  The voting ends on June 29 — so time is short.  There are so great spaces there and how fun for little amateur me to have mine there!

I love this photo — the room is a used room — not staged.  Sadie took my spot as soon as I got up.  I am sitting in my husband’s leather recliner as I take the shot.  The paintings on the wall are mine.  The laptop is mine.  Yes, this is where I spend my time.  You can say this is my darkroom.  I work on photos here – but then I do have to head off to the basement when I need to print something.

As I sit here and write this post, Sadie has returned from her trip to the kitchen (where my son was cooking eggs for breakfast).  She jumped up behind me and is wedged in between me and the back of the couch.  The cat is on the pad next to the laptop, just as in the photo.  There are a couple cameras on the ottoman and my coffee is cold!.

Have a great weekend and go vote!

June 19 through 25

Jun 19

June 19 — grape tomatoes ripe on the plants in the backyard — yum!

Today (June 20) I placed a pot on the table.  I like this pot — my daughter made it.

June 21 — first day of summer — the lilies by the front porch are about to bloom.

The Virginia Creeper is climbing the back deck steps — June 22

June 23 — Jennifer Leslie (11 Alive) was in the house interviewing my husband for a segment to air on Sunday.

June 24 — my son’s birthday — chocolate cake with Nutella filling — YUM!

Cloud 7 — pumping gas on June 25