2013 Mother of the Year~ Kristi Awtrey Peterson


It is a great honor each year to read all the wonderful nomination letters our readers send for the Fayette Woman and The Citizen Mother of the Year contest. We wish everyone  could be the winner. A few of the nominations tugged a bit at our heart strings, and Kristi’s was one of those. Kristi was nominated by her three daughters Emily, Sophie and Kaitlyn and her father Frank Awtrey.   Congratulation to our  Under 40 2013 Mother of the Year ~Kristi Awtrey Peterson!

The reason we think my mom should be mother of the year is she is a fun and loving mother. And she helps with whatever we need her to help us with like homework and other stuff like that. Every day she works hard for us! She tries to make us happy every day! She always plans fun days! She always listens to our stories! She helps us clean our rooms! She helps us sort clothes! And she plans fun trips and to new places and she is a wonderful mother! She comes outside when she can to watch us do flips and stuff! She watches movies with us and lets us have friends over some weekends!

Emily(7), Sophie(9), and Kaitlyn (13)

I nominate my daughter Kristi Awtrey Peterson for Mother of the year. She is 39. She has 3 girls. Katie,Sophie and Emily. Her husband was Ryan Peterson. He has been deployed to Afganistan for the third time (2 in Iraq). They are getting divorced this month. The deployments have taken a huge toll on her and the kids as well as Ryan. She is raising these girls by herself and never misses a step.Three kids and a full time job is hard for anyone.

She makes it look easy. She was out of work for six months and kept her family together and never let it get her down. She worked every day trying to find a job and kept her girls going forward.

Her girls are great kids and all have great love for their mother and think she is the best mother in the world. She always has a has a plan for them and chore charts. Katie has had some issues at school and she has helped her with her home work and turned her around. Any one who knows Kristi thinks she is doing a great job with them. I’m very proud of her and her girls. They are the best thing that ever happened to our family. Being unemployed for months is very hard on anyone. I know I lost my job four years ago. I had to retire and it took time to adjust. It’s very scary and makes you rethink a lot of things. She was a trooper and never gave up. Her girls never knew how bad it was because she was so positive.

Please consider her for Mother of the year. She is mine.

Frank Awtrey



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