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Every One of Us Has a Story

July 17 through 23

July 25, 2010 by barefootdonna  
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July 17 — revisiting the Virginia Creeper growing on the deck.

A find — a wonderful little rural cemetery — July 18

I see this shadow on the living room wall all the time — finally took a photo July 19

OK everyone — name this Fayetteville location — July 20

July 21 — I have been watching this yellow and black agriope spider for a few weeks.  After it shed its skeleton something killed it.

July 22 sunset view from the deck

Ok everyone — meet Iris.  We found her at the Fayette County Animal Shelter.  They have some great dogs there.  We figured Sadie needed a playmate July 23


About barefootdonna
Donna Rosser is a fine art photographer, writer, and teacher. She leads various photography workshops and shows her work in nationally recognized exhibits and galleries. Donna writes a popular blog that attracts readers from all over the world.


2 Responses to “July 17 through 23”
  1. Thank Bonnie — that cemetery in Brooks sounds interesting. Yes — that is Jordan’s and I love Virginia Creeper — it can be very pretty unless it is some place you don’t want it :)

  2. Bonnie Helander says:

    Hi Donna: Gorgeous photos as usual. I just visited a rural cemetery in Brooks where I found some long lost ancestors buried. It is a charming location, filled with history. Is your “guess the photo” at Jordan’s Salvage in Fayetteville? FYI – I really do like Virginia Creeper although many view it as a weed or think it is poison ivy! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

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