More Ideas from the Garden for the Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration!


Do you want to save money and go a little “greener?” If so, why not decorate your home and Thanksgiving table with items foraged from the garden or picked up at a local farmers market? Right now you’ll find a bounty of beautiful natural elements just waiting to be creatively re-purposed into holiday displays. Last month I did a blog on ideas for Fall Centerpieces.  I want to share a few more ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkins and gourds continue to be a favorite focus of Thanksgiving displays because of their vibrant autumn colors. Make a topiary of different sized pumpkins or gourds and add fresh herbs for scent and contrast. Or, use a large pumpkin as your container, scoop out the insides and add fresh flowers and garden greenery for a wonderful accent piece.

A simple centerpiece that celebrates the South, is a large colorful bowl filled with magnolia leaves. Select leaves of different lengths and arrange them standing in the container so you see some of the leaves from the front with their glossy green and some from the back, giving a brown contrast. If you don’t have magnolia leaves, you can cut some branches from your camellias that are now in bud. Arrange the branches with buds in a vase and add some interesting twisted branches like those from Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick. Tuck in some holly or nandina sprigs with berries to add some color.

When foraging outside, select some of the following: acorns, pinecones, evergreen branches, berry sprigs, dried flowers from hydrangeas and butterfly bushs, blooming mums or ‘Knockout’ roses, ornamental grass plumes, twisted branches, pretty rocks, fall leaves, variegated ivy and herbs for scent. Get the kids involved and see what imaginative centerpieces they can create!

Arranging fruit is an easy and attractive way to add color, texture and style to a table centerpiece. Pomegranates have beautiful color and shape. Stack them in a compote dish and you have your elegant centerpiece. Or, you can use fresh apples, oranges (dotted with cloves) or pears. Cranberries add a holiday splash arranged around candles.

Your houseplants can also play a role in your table decorations. Select some vintage silver champagne glasses or small bowls and place a succulent plant in the center of each for a very sophisticated and unusual look.

Don’t forget to dress up the outside of your house for the holidays with wreaths and window boxes made from natural materials.




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