Homeschooling Programs in Fayette


By Ashley Miner

In addition to its beautiful scenery and welcoming community, Fayette County boasts a phenomenal school system. The Georgia School of Excellence award has been bestowed on over fifteen schools. Over the years, multiple Peachtree City elementary, middle and high schools received the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and in 2011, Fayette Middle School won the National Title I Distinguished School award. To top off a shining academic record, Fayette County hosts many successful sport teams, from football to cross country. With all this to offer, many parents wonder why so many others choose not to take advantage of this school system and homeschool their children.

What makes homeschooling so popular? An almost unlimited amount of information is available to answer this question. From religious convictions to dissatisfaction with the available school system, a remarkable amount of parents wish to take control of their children’s education.

Probably the most pressing concern for parents who consider homeschooling is, “Will my child receive the socialization he or she needs?” Surprisingly, the answer is yes! With homeschooled children, parents can schedule volunteer and sporting activities as well as chores and vacations around the children’s schedule. This composes what defines as a “reality based education.” Additionally, several Fayette County group organizations exist to aid parents and children in their home education.

Peachtree City hosts a Veritas campus at Vineyard Community Church, 2450 Highway 85 Senoia, GA, 30276. Veritas is a group tutoring system that meets weekly and caters to children from elementary through high school. It offers humanities, math and science courses. Unique to other programs, Veritas offers high school children the opportunity to participate in Teen Pact. Teen Pact, a nationwide leadership program, takes place at each state’s capitol. During this four day course, the students are assigned to a branch of government, sit in on parliamentary debate, and experience the process of a bill becoming a law. For more information about dress code, tuition and enrollment, visit, or reach the administrator, Sherry Camp, at 770-487-8027.

New Creation Christian Academy classifies itself as “a university-style center for full-time, part-time, and home school students, [where] you choose the programs and classes that meet your educational needs.” It serves middle grade homeschoolers in Butts, Clayton, Fayette, Henry, Rockdale, and Spalding County. Although this program caters to middle school children, it offers a variety of sport teams to high school students. Contact, registration, and administration information is available at, or call the office at 770-898-9728.

For an equally unique homeschool program, many Fayette County homeschoolers turn to the Konos Connection, developed by Charles and Carole Thaxton. Like Veritas, Konos meets once per week and offers educational services to elementary through high school students. In addition to math and science courses, Konos uses the writing curriculums Learn to Write the Novel Way and Write Your Roots. Both of these programs teach the English language and grammar through the interactive activities of writing a novel and researching and writing about the student’s family history. For more information about this program, visit For further information, e-mail, or call 770-632-0771.

Many additional resources exist at the fingertips of Fayette County parents. Other programs, including Eagle’s Nest Christian Home Educator’s Association ( are located in Newnan, fifteen miles south of Peachtree City. For information about getting started, choosing a curriculum, and finding support groups, check out the Georgia Home Education Association (GHEA). It is located at 258 Sandy Lake Circle, Fayetteville, GA, 30214.  Visit its website at, or call the GHEA at 770-461-3657.

The New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition summarizes homeschooling with the words: “Any classroom teacher will tell you that the children who succeed in school are the ones whose parents are involved in their education. Homeschooling simply brings that involvement to a new level.” Not all children are suited for this method of learning, but for some, it is a wonderful alternative to traditional education.




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