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Brain Balance


Finding the Right Balance

Mandy Gunter, director of Brain Balance, is passionate about helping children improve brain functioning.

Mandy Gunter, director of Brain Balance, is passionate about helping children improve brain functioning.

If your child had a behavioral or neurological disorder such as autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD/HD), or a learning disability, how far would you go to give him or her a better chance at a normal life?

For Susanne and David Jantsch, who are the parents of a child with mild-to-moderate ADD and another child with mild learning disabilities, that’s not a rhetorical question. Their answer—881 miles—marks the distance from their home in Kansas to their current temporary residence in Fayette County, which they travelled to enroll their children in a 12-week summer program at the Brain Balance Center of Peachtree City.  “When we heard about Brain Balance, we felt that the research they were basing the program on was very valid and could help our children,” Susanne explains. “We knew we had to come.”

Brain Balance has just ten centers in the country and has been around for only the last decade, but it has already helped hundreds of children with disorders such as autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s Syndrome, Processing Disorders, and Learning Disabilities (such as Dyslexia).

Brain Balance is based upon the most current research, which recognizes that many children suffer a foundational imbalance or under-connectivity of electrical (brain) activity between the two halves (or hemispheres) of the brain. The result is an imbalance that is often responsible for many, if not all, of the physical, cognitive or mental, and/or behavioral disorders. As Mandy Gunter, the director of Peachtree City’s Brain Balance Center, explains, “Children with these imbalances may exhibit symptoms such as difficulty  playing sports, being un-coordinated, lack social skills, and display academic and digestive problems. Often times the child has not been diagnosed with a formal diagnosis, but his parents recognize the symptoms and will come to us saying that their child is disorganized, or not getting homework done in a timely fashion, or his grades are slipping, or that he has problems with self esteem or social awkwardness. At Brain Balance, we can reduce or eliminate most or all of the symptoms through hemispheric specific sensory motor,  cognitive exercises, and nutrition.”

After a complete individualized assessment, each child participates in a series of fun activities that improve brain function through sensory-motor and neuro-academic exercises. Brain Balance also assesses the child’s diet, checking for food sensitivities or allergies that may be causing or aggravating some of the symptoms. Once the child has participated in the program and his or her  diet has been adjusted, many of the symptoms improve or disappear altogether, as Susanne Jantsch found out.

“We came here because we felt that Brain Balance could really make a difference in our kids’ lives, and it has,” Susanne explains.  “It was worth every mile we traveled and every penny. “

The Brain Balance Center BTS Brain Balance2
of Peachtree City
357 Highway 74 North Suite 5
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 631-3033

The Brain Balance Program™ is a scientifically research based approach to significantly reducing or completely eliminating the often abundant difficulties related to Neurobehavioral/ Developmental Disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, Tourette’s Syndrome, PDD, Processing Disorders, and Learning Disabilities (i.e. Dyslexia). Learn more about the program at

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