Fall beauty trends from the runway to your face


Beauty_trendsSometimes beauty trends leave a bit to be desired for the average woman, but we still want to appear in-the-know about “what’s hot” and what’s last season. Fall 2009 beauty trends inspire you to walk on the dark side (and in some cases, the bright side!). If you’re not ready to completely take the plunge, there are ways to hold on to a few rays of sun and still make the rich, dark trends your own. Of course, on Halloween feel free to let loose, wearing looks like a runway model and blaming it on your “costume.”

Fall Trend #1: Black Lips

The average woman probably won’t sport the black lips look that was spotted on runways. Vamp it up instead by choosing a dark berry or plum. For the color-phobic or for work-friendly looks, blot your lips after you apply the lipstick until you’re left with just a stain. If you want to give black lips a whirl but can’t fit them into your daily makeup routine, look for a drugstore version around Halloween rather than investing in a high-end brand that can cost you $15.00 or more.

Another way to incorporate black lip products into your face of the day without going over the top is a shimmering, sheer black gloss, like MAC’s Glimmerglass in Bling Black or Blackfire. Layer it over your normal lipsticks to give them more depth.

Fall Trend #2: Smoked Out Grays

Silvery, smoky shadows are hot for fall, but not everyone has an opportunity to use that in their daily life. Instead of shading in the lid, crease, and underneath the eyes with gray and black, try a simple black or gray kohl-rimmed eye. Choose a soft pencil or loose powder kohl like L’Oreal H.I.P.’s. Line the upper and lower lash lines and bottom rim of the eye; smudge slightly. Pair with a shadow that matches your skin tone from lash line to brow and add light emphasis in the crease with a soft gray shadow. For night, bump up the drama by using black shadow at the lash line, blending to a darker gray on the lid, a lighter gray in the crease, and a light silver as a highlight on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Fall Trend #3: Bold, Bright Colors, 80’s Style

The 80’s are still back. Skip the lids full of Barbie-blue shadow and try lining your eyes with bright pops of color instead. If you feel “off” without dark liner on your upper lash line, apply a thick line of bright shadow there, then a thinner, darker line right at the lashes. Another option is a jewel-toned outer-V on an otherwise neutral lid. Add liner and mascara and you’re done, but not overdone.

Fall Trend #4: Red Lips

It’s no surprise that red lips are in for fall 2009. They tend to come back around the holidays every year, but they are especially popular now because of the trying economic times. Women tend to wear red lips when times are tough as a quick and inexpensive pick-me-up. Be sure to use your neutral or red liner before applying red lipstick. It will act as a base and prevent instant feathering. Want a longer lasting red that won’t go anywhere? Use a red liner, then top with your favorite clear gloss. It’s less likely to smudge.

Trends are meant to be fun, so take one and tweak it until it fits your lifestyle and your features.



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