Drop Off Donations for Hurricane Sandy Victims at PTC Police Dept.


The Peachtree City Police Department is working with a non-profit disaster relief agency that will be sending a tractor-trailer of supplies to the northeast on Friday. The department is accepting donations of bottled water, clothing (socks, underwear, long sleeve shirts, coats), and toiletries (toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, etc.). The department CANNOT accept monetary donations.

If you would like to donate items for those in need, please bring them to the Peachtree City Police Department on Hwy 74 S by Thursday, November 8. Thanks in advance.

If you prefer to make a monetary donation to a reputable agency providing relief in the disaster areas, CNN provides a list with good advice at www.cnn.com/2012/10/30/us/iyw-how-to-help-after-sandy/index.html.



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