Dinner Wars


I’ve lost the war. I’ve been battling for 8 years over dinner with my family and I’ve finally decided to waive the white flag and retreat quietly. Before we had kids my husband and I used to love to cook. I would find new recipes and we would make great dinners and enjoy a glass of wine and talk about our days. Now I have two kids who only want to eat pasta, pizza, or tacos. The Martha Stewart part of me has died and I no longer think about how to get my kids to eat grilled fish with mango salsa. Now I concentrate on how to get through a meal without any eye rolling, sighing, or food getting stuck to the windows in the kitchen.
I’m claiming a small victory in that my children will eat any fruit you place in front of them and they will consume most vegetables (especially if I provide some kind of dip for them). I’ve made the switch to whole grain pasta and have replaced ground beef with ground turkey for most recipes. I now have to give up my dream of providing new and fascinating meals for the reality of making spaghetti two nights a week. On the upside my grocery shopping has become much easier.
I have to pause and think about the fact that no matter what we are eating we make it a point to sit down together and discuss our days and our high and low points. We come together as a family and although it’s not relaxing most of the time it is family time and I have to remember that what we eat won’t be remembered down the road but our time together will.




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    Colleen, I hope you will continue to make fantastic meals for you and your husband to enjoy. Just toss the kids what they want and keep it healthy. Ground up some veggies into the spaghetti sauce or better yet, make it with V8. Make the pizza crust with whole wheat flour and remember that someday they will want something else.

    Smile as you make a double batch of pasta with the knowledge that your cooking for them is done for the most part. If you can feed them first and then enjoy a quiet, sumptuous meal with your husband, it will make you all very happy. Trust me, I know. LOL! Keep your head up and remember they will have kids just like them. 🙂

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