Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Every One of Us Has a Story



How can I comment on an article or blog post, or someone else’s comment?

See "Log in" on extreme lower right of a page... On a historical note, those Google stats are from our first day of traffic. I think we're going to hang on to this... thanks to all who came to see us our first day!

See "Log in" on extreme lower right of a page... On a historical note, those Google stats are from our first day of traffic. Thanks to all who came to see us our first day!

You must be a registered user, and logged in (except for the guestbook) to comment. There are several paths to becoming a registered user. Click the “Reply” option following an article or post, and the WordPress log in screen will appear. Click the “REGISTER” link on the left under the sign in area and follow the steps.WP log in screen

Also, you can log in by clicking this tiny little spot in the footer, on the far right side. We may move this up the page and make it bigger. Not sure yet. This protects us from all sorts of malicious activity from morons who have nothing better to do than take down other people’s websites. Let us know what you think about that.

Why isn’t my comment showing up?

The first time you comment, we have to approve the comment before it appears on the site. After that, you can comment away and your thoughts will appear real time. This is another one of those procedures we have in place to protect us from malicious spammers. We are sorry for your inconvenience and that we live in a world with such morons.

I have commented before, but my post is not showing up. Why?

You may be in our moderation que due to a flagged word in your post. “Breast,” for instance, will put you in the moderation or spam que, but you know we want your recipe for chicken breast. We will keep an eye out for this but meanwhile email us if you think your comment was erroneously flagged as inappropriate.

Can I subscribe to the printed edition of the magazine?

You sure can, and soon you should be able to do it on this site. For now, call 770-719-1880, option 1,  and tell Karen you want to subscribe to Fayette Woman. She can take your credit card information faster than you can blink. Hours are Mon-Fri, 8:30-5:30. Leave a message and she’ll call you back if she’s busy or it is after hours.

You can also mail a check for $14.95 which covers one year (12 editions) to:

Fayette Woman Magazine, 310-B N. Glynn St., Fayetteville, GA 30214

Why would I subscribe to the printed edition?

Three reasons.

1) We don’t print enough for everyone. They go fast when they’re distributed and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

2) Your laptop isn’t going to look that great in your travel photos.

2a) And it’s not a good idea to take it into the bathtub either.

3) You’ll miss something if you don’t. There are still going to be some things in the printed edition that you don’t see here. And even if you check this site every day, the content gets deep – as in you may not have a link to every article from the front page – so you miss things that way too. Plus our advertisers have plenty of stuff you need to know that may not be on this site.

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