7 savings tips for holiday party attire


You don’t have to show up in last year’s cocktail dress, here’s some money saving tips on how to look your best on a budget.

It’s that time of the year again with the office Christmas party on Saturday, your Sunday School Christmas party on Sunday evening, and that’s just this weekend. It happens every year, the never-ending invitations to every kind of holiday party imaginable. From cocktail and formal to business casual and ugly christmas sweaters, there is one of each every year. But how do you save money on all these events without re-wearing last years attire? Here’s 7 money saving tips for holiday party attire and beyond!

  1. Shop Second-Hand – The best way to save on party attire is to buy it second-hand. Since most girls wear formal gowns only once and never again, it makes sense (and cents!) to buy them for a fraction of the original price. If you don’t have a Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange in your area, head online to eBay.com or download the app PoshMark where you can buy or sell new or gently used items.
  2. Swap With Friends – If you’re short on time and cash, consider organizing a dress swap with your closest friends. You’ve likely coveted the formal look of a friend recently, and this is your opportunity to showcase her style in your own unique way. Plus, you can make a party out of the exchange and gossip about your big night.
  3. Be Frugal (for Now) – Ultimately, there’s no reason to spend a bundle on a dress that will be worn less than 12 hours. Pick up a trendy frock for your winter party on the cheap. You can even shop online for deals by going to FreeShipping.org or RetailMeNot.com for coupon codes to places like Forever 21, Khol’s, JCPenny, and more!
  4. When in Doubt, LBD – You may dream in color and sequins, but ultimately you can’t go wrong in style or budget with a classic little black dress. Glam it up with inexpensive baubles from Claire’s or Charming Charlie, or peruse the clearance section of department stores such as Macy’s or Dillard’s.
  5. Reinvent Your Fave – Do you love the cut of a dress you wore before but don’t want to show up in the same ol’ gown? Reinvent your floor length fave by getting it tailored to a shorter look. Alternatively, you can lengthen a shorter dress by asking a tailor to add a chiffon overlay for a very trendy look.
  6. Rent for Less – Though some winter formal parties aren’t quite so fancy as others, you still want to feel like royalty when you step into the room. For the best in designer gowns, check out RenttheRunway.com and consider renting your dress for less than $100.
  7. Be a Bridesmaid – You can find great party attire at bridal shops in the form of bridesmaid dresses. Peruse the clearance rack and ask sales associates to point you toward the dresses available for take-home. The tradeoff in price is buying something many people have tried on before you. Be sure to get the dress dry cleaned before the main event.



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