2013 Mother of the Year~ Delphina Banks- Jones Turner


Being a “mother” means so many different things.  We learn that every year when we read the nominations for our Mother of the Year Contest.  So many families in our area are blessed with caring women that teach , love  and grow families.  Delphina Banks-Jones Turner is our choice for the winner of the 2013 Fayette Woman and Citizen Mother of the Year contest for the age group 40-64.  She was nominated by her so Bryson Jones.  Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day !

My mother is the single most inspirational woman in my life.

When I was a young child, my parents got divorced leaving the burden of caring for three young children entirely on my mother. Since the day my father left, my mother began to make sacrifices.

My siblings and I all played sports, and even though they were extremely expensive my mother made it a point to keep us involved in the things that we loved. A lot of the time my mother could not afford to go watch us play as we played travel athletics. In order to keep us playing, she had to send us with other parents on the team and stay at home.

When I ask my mother about the struggles that she went through as a single parent, she explains that even though Peachtree City was an expensive area she knew it was the only place where we would have the opportunity to make something of ourselves. As I progressed as a young child into a teenager, I became more aware of the struggle that my mother was going through.

Now my older sister was in college while I was in high school and my younger sister was in middle school. She no longer had young children but the struggle continued.

Then came the stresses of how she was going to put her children through college. Through sacrifice and determination, my mother was able to help my sister earn a degree from Birmingham Southern University in 2007. I am walking across the stage in May earning my Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism from Mercer University. In the fall, my younger sister will be attending the University of Arkansas on a full scholarship to play volleyball.

It is more than apparent that my mother has successfully raised three children, and she did it alone. President Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Every success that I have had in life, I owe to the woman that I call mom.

Delphina Banks-Jones Turner is the greatest, smartest and most determined woman I know, and there is no doubt in my mind that she deserves to be Mother of the Year.

Bryson Jones





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