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This powerful workshop will be held on Feb. 13 at the Fayette Chamber.

Find Courage to Conquer with Women Who Lead

“The Courage to Conquer” workshop for professional women, entrepreneurs, small business owners and women who make a difference debuts Feb. 13.

It's not always easy to "Just Do It."

6 techniques for overcoming race anxiety

Even after you’ve signed up, race anxiety can interfere with your running. Calm the inner negative self talk and run well with these six techniques.

Walking groups promote accountability and add some fun into your fitness routine!

Walking groups can help you connect, lose weight

Looking for a new fitness routine? Try forming a walking group! Get fit, solve problems, and lose weight while spending quality time with friends.

"When you're busy, every second has to count in the morning."

5 easy ways to add minutes to your morning routine

Whether you’re a busy professional, a multi-tasking stay-at-home mom, or an overloaded student, these tips will improve your morning routine.

Parents looking to get their kids up-and-moving need look no further than fun. Just don’t utter the dreaded “e” word.

Smart mom’s guide to getting kids to exercise

When it comes to getting kids to exercise, children are no different than adults. If it’s not fun, they won’t do it. Here’s a guide for finding the fun.

Place one of the beautiful sachets next to your pillow and enjoy a restful night.

DIY scented sachets relieve stress, promote sleep

Arts and crafts are rewarding and relaxingly great for stress relief. Make these beautiful scented sachets to soothe, relax and promote restful sleep.


Find your best office looks with these 6 steps

You don’t have to chop off all your hair or retire your favorite makeup to find your best office looks. Keep it simple to find your most professional face.

Who is going to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself?

The five C’s of building a successful business

Building a successful business isn’t easy. These 5 guiding principles will help you make the best decisions and navigate to smoother waters every time.

Jill rockin' her first pair of skinny jeans ever!

How I lost 75 pounds and how you can do it too!

I lost 75 pounds by setting small goals: 5 pounds at a time. Amazingly, they stacked up over time. Soon, I’d lost 5% of my weight, then 10%. And more.